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The entire world of wrestling stands behind the efforts of the USA as it celebrates the beautiful life of one of our own-Greco-Roman wrestler Jacob Curby 66 kg. We wish for the Curby Cup to be a great success as a tribute to one of our fallen brothers.Raphaël Martinetti, President of FILA – Fédération Internationale des Luttes Associées

USA Wrestling is extremely excited with the establishment of the Curby Cup. It is our hope that this annual event will create a lasting legacy for beloved National Team Member, Jacob Curby. Jacob embodied what is right with the sport of wrestling and as an organization we could not be more pleased with the formation of this event in his honor.Rich Bender, Executive Director of USA Wrestling

Jake Curby was a great champion and a class kid. His superb attitude on and off the mat will be missed dearly. My hope is that the Curby Cup will help you to celebrate Jacob’s twenty five years of existence in this earth. Jacob Curby was liked by everyone I know. All of the National Coaches loved him. Why did all the coaches love him? It was because Jacob was a tremendously hard working kid that was very coachable. Jacob’s wonderful positive attitude shined very bright. He was always hungry to learn and he listened to advice with open ears. Jacob never complained! Not one time did I ever hear any negative words come from this tough kid’s mouth. He was a true pleasure to coach and to work with.Coach Steve Fraser, National Coach, Olympic Champion

He will stay with me always in my memories, like a great person. Never complained always hungry for more knowledge, asked question how to get better all the time. And simply just a great human being! We will always ask why him and why now when he was just on the way to reach his dreams, to face all the challenges ahead of him. I know that by losing him our Greco family is going to get stronger and closer than ever. He will be with us forever.Coach Momir Petkovic, National Coaching Staff, Olympic Champion

I was always a great admirer of Coach Jake. He was one of my favorite coaches. He always had a way of making everything he did for the team fun. He also taught us the meaning of respect. If the team did something to upset one of the other coaches Coach Jake would always be the first to make us apologize. I only hope that I can use what I learned from Coach Jake Curby and apply it to the rest of my life.Team Illinois Wrestler